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Minimum duration of a stay:

3 nights in low season

5 nights in high season

6 nights over Christmas and New Year weeks.


If the stays requested last less than 3 nights, the prices are increased by 20 to 40% depending on the number of nights.

7-day rental considered from Saturday to Saturday or from Sunday to Sunday and subject to availability.



A first deposit of 50% of the cost of the total rental, will be payable within 7 days after receipt of the confirmation of the reservation and the signing of the rental contract.


The balance of the amount of the stay, i.e. 50% of the total rental, will be payable 40 days before the date of the start of the stay.


If the stay is booked less than 40 days before said stay, 100% of the stay is payable upon booking.

Any reservation will become firm and final only after written confirmation of the reservation.

The owner of the Villa and the agency Les villas de Myriam reserve the right to cancel any reservation in the event of non-payment in full on the dates indicated.

Payments are to be made either by bank transfer payable to: “LES VILLAS DE MYRIAM” or by Moroccan check payable to the same order.


For additional services during your stay, the method of payment will be in cash on site when ordering (shopping, massages, etc.).


Upon arrival at the villa, the Customer will be required to present their Booking Voucher as well as their identity document and those of all the people scheduled for the reservation who will be staying in the villa.



A deposit, the amount of which is specified on the description of the property, will be requested. Payment can be made by bank transfer before the stay or on arrival either in the form of a Moroccan check or in cash.


This security deposit will be returned to the tenant at the latest within fifteen days of the end of the stay, the host reserving the right to deduct from the sum concerned the estimated amount of the repair of any breakage and possible deterioration.

The tenant agrees to take all necessary measures so that the occupants of the Villa respect the places that are made available to them. These must be left as clean as on arrival. An inventory in the presence of a VILLAS DE MYRIAM employee will be made upon arrival and departure.

In the event of breakage, damage or abnormal wear and tear on furniture, miscellaneous objects or equipment, the cost of replacement will be charged to the customer. In the event of damage to property, the garden or technical equipment, the cost of repairing it will be charged to the customer.



Cancellation Conditions

Any request for cancellation and modification must be made by email to the following address .

The reference of the date and time taken into account in this email will be that of the place of rental and therefore of the acknowledgment by LES VILLAS DE MYRIAM.


The applicable Cancellation Conditions are those displayed on the site when booking and sent by e-mail with the booking confirmation. A letter in LRAR must be sent to LES VILLAS DE MYRIAM to confirm this cancellation.

Pandemics do not give right to cancellation and reimbursement of the rental. Only the closure of the borders of Morocco or the country of residence of the customer authorizes the cancellation of the stay and its reimbursement.

The stay will be refunded in agreement with the owner, without penalty, in the following cases of force majeure:

- government, law enforcement or military imposed travel restrictions that restrict travel to or from the accommodation or experience location.

- transport disruption making travel to the destination impossible, including road closures and flight cancellations, when no other mode of transport is available.


However, the costs of reimbursement of the amount of the rental, in particular the costs of transfer or deductions at source (around 10%) will be borne by the tenant.  


LES VILLAS DE MYRIAM reserves the right to cancel or modify a reservation confirmed and paid for before the arrival date. In this case, LES VILLAS DE MYRIAM undertakes to offer, depending on the availability of its stock, a solution in an equal or higher category without price modification on the same date or on another date or will reimburse all the deposits for the stay. already paid.



More than 40 days before arrival: 50%  of the total amount of the reservation is due and non-refundable

Less than 40 days before arrival: 100% of the total amount of the reservation is due and non-refundable

Non-presentation of the tenants the same day of the rental, 100% of the total amount of the rental will be due and non-refundable.


Any cancellation by the tenant for any reason whatsoever irrevocably entails the loss of the deposit already paid.

In the event that the Customer does not inform LES VILLAS DE MYRIAM of a cancellation and does not show up on the agreed date, and for whatever reason, the rental price will remain, in any case and in its entirety, acquired by LES VILLAS DE MYRIAM. In the event of early departure or late arrival of the Customer from his rental, for any reason whatsoever, the Customer cannot request a reduction in the price of the rental which will remain, in its entirety, acquired by LES VILLAS DE MYRIAM.



The Occupants

Only the number of people provided at the time of booking can occupy the Villa.

Except with the prior agreement of VILLAS DE MYRIAM, the number of people provided cannot be exceeded and the provision of additional beds by the Customer is not authorized. Likewise, it is forbidden to set up tents on the property, to park caravans there or to set up any type of shelter or temporary accommodation there.

This is part of the booking conditions.


Customers undertake to inform VILLAS DE MYRIAM of any person they would like to invite, no later than the day before their arrival. Full identity of guests will be requested and may be verified. MPR SAS or its representative are entitled to refuse entry to any guest, without having to justify it, even in the event that acceptance has been obtained beforehand.


Booking conditions:  Use of Villas




Check-in  from 15h.

Check out  between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Possible arrangement according to your flight schedules and availability of the villa.


Supervision of children is the responsibility of the parents.


Unfenced and unsupervised swimming pool.

The agency LES VILLAS DE MYRIAM cannot be held responsible for any accident or material or immaterial bodily injury to any person due to the presence of a swimming pool or any other sports or leisure equipment including a hammam in one of the villas which would occur in his absence or presence.

It is the responsibility of the tenant not to let children bathe in the swimming pool without supervision. It is also his responsibility to ensure the safety and supervision of children within the interior of the villa and the garden.

The swimming pool is not supervised and is not equipped with a barrier or a security system, these equipments not being obligatory in Morocco. It is the responsibility of tenants to pay attention to their safety.


It is expressly forbidden for customers to intervene on the technical installations of this sports or leisure equipment. Only the staff of Myriam's villas or one of her representatives are authorized.


The organization of events in the house is prohibited.


The Client expressly undertakes to use the property made available to him peacefully and to return it in the state in which he received it.
The villas are exclusively intended for use as tourist accommodation or private resorts. Any commercial or professional activity or activity prohibited by Moroccan law is strictly prohibited in the place of stay and its surroundings for the duration of the stay, including, in particular, receptions of any kind, film shoots and photo shoots.

The Customer will be personally liable vis-à-vis VILLAS DE MYRIAM and third parties for all the harmful consequences resulting from his doing, and that of the people brought into the villa in order to maintain compliance with the booking conditions. It is also necessary  respect the administrative formalities to go to Morocco .

The observation by a representative of VILLAS DE MYRIAM of any activity or behavior that does not comply with Moroccan laws and these general conditions at the place of stay or in its vicinity will result in the immediate cancellation of the contract without notice and without prejudice to the Customer and his expulsion from the villa.

Special conditions, non-exhaustive, for Morocco:

VILLAS DE MYRIAM reserves the right to visit the villas at any time, the customer cannot oppose it.

The VILLAS DE MYRIAM cannot under any circumstances and in any capacity be responsible for any theft (money or valuables) or damage to property, any criminal act or any assault of which the Client may be the author or victim in the villa. . The villas are equipped with at least one safe available to tenants.
The Customer may neither assign the rental contract nor sublet the accommodation.


The tenant cannot refuse access to the employees of the villa and to the external service providers who intervene to maintain the residence and its exterior. In addition, when renting for more than 3 days, the gardeners must imperatively come for the maintenance of the garden. Of course in order to preserve maximum comfort for the tenant, the schedules can be agreed before arrival with the company that manages the residence.


The house staff


During the stay, the house staff (number varying from one villa to another) is at the service of the tenants during the day for an average duration of 7 hours. Schedules can be modified and reviewed if necessary.



Tenants must respect the rules of good neighbourliness, in particular in terms of noise pollution beyond normal hours

Neither LES VILLAS DE MYRIAM nor the Owner can be held responsible for noise or sound disturbances that come from beyond the limits of the property or that are beyond the control of the Owner.


Fauna, insects, environment

LES VILLAS DE MYRIAM or the Owner cannot be held responsible for the presence of animals or insects in the villa you choose.

The majority of the villas offered are located in resort areas outside the center of towns and some of our villas are located in arid or otherwise very humid areas. In these places it is possible to meet animals such as rodents, deer, goats and sheep or cats and dogs or insects such as wasps, bees, mosquitoes, flies, ants, scorpions or spiders, snakes. Insects and animals can be attracted to grass, swimming pools, streams or ponds, local vegetation and food left behind after eating outdoors. We strongly advise you to keep doors and windows closed as much as possible and eliminate all leftover meals taken outdoors or indoors.



LES VILLAS DE MYRIAM cannot be held responsible for any irregularities or lack of enjoyment that may occur in electricity or internet services.

It is recalled that the distribution of water depends on the electricity supply. Tap water is not recommended for consumption.

The tenant will make sure to have normal and reasonable use of the lighting, heating and air conditioning installations.

The villa is equipped with sanitary hot water and underfloor heating.


Acceptance of these conditions

These general conditions determine the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the use of the site for the reservation of private villas.

The user of the VILLAS DE MYRIAM site declares to have read them and to have expressly accepted them.

Intellectual property

The Customer is authorized to take photos on the premises of the rented property but has no right of commercial exploitation and publication of these photos on any medium whatsoever.

Data protection

VILLAS DE MYRIAM undertakes not to disseminate the personal information of its Customers except for the information necessary for the processing, payment or cancellation of the reservation with the Owner and the Moroccan authorities (Police form requested by authorities).

VILLAS DE MYRIAM declines all responsibility in the event of fraudulent use of the data of its Customers by the Suppliers.

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